Destiny 2: How to Get Mod Components & What They’re Used For

How to Get Mod Components & What They’re Used For in Destiny 2

Once you’ve got powerful gear in Destiny 2, that’s not the end of your grind. You can equip different mods to your gear that can grant them added buffs and abilities. While you’ll get weapon or armor mods in Destiny 2 from time to time, you can also craft them. However, in order to do this, you’ll need Mod Components.

This post contains spoilers regarding the end of Destiny 2. If you’d rather enjoy the experience spoiler-free, we advise turning back now. This is your warning!

Mod Components can be gotten by simply dismantling old legendary mods you may have already acquired. To do this, head to your inventory, select the mod you no longer want and hold down the Square (X on Xbox One) button to dismantle it. You’ll get Mod Components by simply doing this. It’s worth noting that dismantling anything less than a legendary mod won’t give you Mod Components.

Once you’ve actually got the components, you’ll want to head to the Tower and seek out Banshee-44. You’ll have the option to either create an armor mod or a weapon mod. Hand over the components and 1000 Glimmer and you’ll be given a fresh, random mod.

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