Destiny 2: How to Get the Graviton Lance Exotic Pulse Rifle

How to Get the Graviton Lance Exotic Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2

The Graviton Lance is an exotic void pulse rifle that packs one heck of a powerful punch in Destiny 2. Of course, with it being an exotic weapon, it’s not the most common bit of gear lying around Destiny 2’s world. As such, many players may be wondering exactly what ways they can get their hands on it in Destiny 2.

The perks for the Graviton Lance pulse rifle are:

  • Black Hole – Third shot of burst rips a hole through spacetime, doing increased damage and recoil with no damage fall-off.
  • Hammer-Forged Rifling – Increased Range.
  • Accurized Rounds – Increases Range
  • Cosmology – Kills cause enemies to detonate.
  • Fitted Stock – Increases stability, decreases handling speed.

If you want to make the Graviton Lance pulse rifle your own, you’ll have to cross your fingers and hope your luck comes in. We actually came across this one as a reward for playing through the game’s story. The Graviton Lance can also drop as an engram during exploration, or whether Xur will have it either. As soon as we know for sure, we’ll update this post and let you know.

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