Destiny 2: How to Get the Crown of Tempests Exotic Warlock Helmet

How to Get the Crown of Tempests Exotic Warlock Helmet in Destiny 2

The Crown of Tempests is a very useful exotic Warlock helmet in Destiny 2 for players who like the Stormcaller subclass. It grants quicker recharges of your class abilities for ability kills, which keeps you rolling in some electric goodness. Also, it looks pretty badass with its spiked crown, headwrap, and hoop earrings.

Unfortunately, there is no really easy way to obtain the Crown of Tempests while playing Destiny 2. It doesn’t come as part of a quest, nor is it an option to choose from while you’re playing through the story. Instead, you have to rely completely on RNG and luck. Mine personally dropped from an exotic engram that I earned while completing Heroic Public Events, at least my first one did. The next dropped as part of a Powerful Gear reward from completing a Milestone. Like I said, these are random. Some ways to obtain exotics are:

  • Random exotic engrams
  • Nightfall Weekly Milestone Reward
  • Call to Arms Weekly Milestone
  • Flashpoint Weekly Milestone
  • Clan XP Weekly Milestone

If you’re lucky, you’ll get your Crown of Tempests and be slaying enemies in style while playing Destiny 2.

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