Destiny 2: How to Get the Dunemarchers Exotic Titan Leg Armor

How to Get the Dunemarchers Exotic Titan Leg Armor in Destiny 2

There are quite a few pieces of exotic armor to grab in Destiny 2, each of which grant you some special abilities or perks to take into PvE and PvP. Of course there’s plenty to choose from for any of the classes, but one useful piece of leg armor for Titans are the Dunemarchers. First things first, here’s a look at the abilities that you’ll find on the exotic leg armor.

  • Linear Actuators – Increases sprint speed. After melee attacking an enemy, that charge will chain damage to nearby enemies.
  • Special Ability 2 – Solar melee abilities charge faster.

Like most pieces of exotic armor in Destiny 2, the Dunemarchers are a completely random drop. This means you might have to work a bit to actually get the armor. You can get it from decrypting exotic engrams, or as a part of a reward for completing Milestones through activities like Strikes, Flashpoints, or even the Crucible. It’s also possible that you can get the Dunemarchers as a random drop from enemies, or through leveling up vendors. We aren’t totally sure that Xur would sell this piece of armor, but his wares are completely random anyway. Your best bet is to work on leveling up vendors, while trying to farm for exotic engrams.

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