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Danganronpa V3 Gift Guide: Every Student’s Favorite Presents


Danganronpa V3 Gift Guide: Every Student’s Favorite Presents

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A Gift Guide for Every Student in Danganronpa V3

Danganronpa V3 has finally arrived and brings a cast of eccentric characters for you to get to know along the way. All of your fellow Ultimate Students have their own unique personalities and traits that make them stand out in this weird and wonderful world, so it makes sense that they’ll have specific presents that they really love, and others not so much. As such, we’ve put together the following gift guide for every student in Danganronpa V3. You’ll find a list of gifts they love, alongside ones they’ll like which will help you to advance your friendship with them. So without further ado, let’s get this gift guide rollin’.

Please note, we currently don’t have all of the specific names for every gift in the game. As such, some items may be listed solely by their number as “Item #.” This corresponds to the item number in Danganronpa V3.

Spoiler Warning: Though each student’s favored gifts don’t clearly give away plot points, they can hint at some revolving around the students. If you’d rather enjoy Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony spoiler-free, we advise leaving this gift guide now.

Angie Yonaga

A Gift Guide for Every Student in Danganronpa V3

Loves: Cleopatra’s Pearl Cocktail (004), Non-Alcoholic Drink of Immortality (005), Astro Cake (009), Bubble Gum Bomb (010), Item #012, Rock Hard Ice Cream (014), Item #018, Crystal Bangle (019), Mono-Jinbei (024), Nail Brush (028), Beret (030), Ladybug Brooch (031), Feelings of Ham (036), Story of Tokono (039), Teddy Bear (046), Item #048, Gold Origami (058), Proxilingual Device (067), Plant (069), Item #071, Jelly Balls (081), Item #084, Pillow of Admiration (086), Monkey’s Paw (088), Art Piece of Spring (089), Item #091, Home Planet (095), Marigold Seeds (101), Tentacle Machine (107), Item #110, Key of Love (130)

Likes: Boba Tea (002), Gyoza in the Shape of a Face (017), Dreams Come True Spell Book (038), Hand Mirror (049), Hammock (098), Perfect Laser Gun (103)

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