Creeping Terror Is a Spooky Adventure Game Coming to 3DS This Halloween

Terror creeps where you least expect it.

October is already packed enough as it is with upcoming game releases, but there’s always more room for one more scary game. Looks like we’re adding one more to the total for the month in the form of Nintendo 3DS horror game Creeping Terror. Aksys Games has confirmed that it will be showing up on the handheld via the Nintendo eShop and PC on October 31 this year.

The game follows players as they control a high school student named Arisa as she checks out tunnels, caves, an old mansion, and all of those other places you probably don’t want to go spelunking in because it sounds like an extremely bad idea, especially in the dark. Oh yeah, and there’s a monster hiding in one of these places, as if just being there wasn’t scary enough. The official game synopsis, as it were, says “she has no way of knowing the fate that awaits her.” That sounds fairly ominous, and it’s probably terrible.

You can try out Creeping Terror next month, if you’re not already inundated with more games than you know what to do with, which is a very real thing that could happen. Really.


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