Check out the Switch Version of Double Dragon IV With Its Latest Trailer

Rock the dragon.

The upcoming Double Dragon IV from Arc System Works is making its debut on the Nintendo Switch today, and you can pick it up right now for $6.99.

If you’re not so sure you’re gonna pick up what Arc System Works is putting down with this iteration, you can check out the official trailer below, which has all the punching and kicking and martial arts you can handle.

This entry in the Double Dragon series follows the end of the Black Warriors in Double Dragon II, where Billy (Bimmy if you’re nasty) and Jimmy Lee face off against the Renegades for a whole new story mode against various new threats.

If you don’t have a Switch, don’t worry. You can also pick up Double Dragon IV on PlayStation 4 and PC, so no one has to be left out in the cold. Except for maybe Xbox One owners. If this is your first Double Dragon game (and it could very well be) you’re in for a treat.


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