Check out Ruiner’s Wild Boss Battles in Its Latest Trailer

A rush of blood to the head.

Ruiner is an upcoming top-down cyberpunk shooter in the vein of games like Hotline Miami or Hyper Light Drifter. As you zip through each stage and kill off the enemies in your path, you’ll eventually reach dangerous bosses that want nothing more than to wipe the floor with you. It’s an exciting game that you’ll definitely want to mess about with next month when it drops, but for now there’s a little visual treat you can sink your teeth into.

This video shows off what you can expect out of the several boss fights you’ll be asked to engage in as the game wears on. Sometimes there will be timers. Others will take shotguns to your chest and try to blow a hole through you. Throughout it all you can use special abilities such as shields and dash steps to keep out of the way of danger.

Check out the new trailer below and gear up for Ruiner when it drops on September 26 for PC.


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