PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Developer Didn’t Foresee How Popular the Game Would Be

Who could have predicted this kind of popularity?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developer Bluehole wasn’t initially super keen on the game becoming the smash hit it’s grown into. While Brendan Greene, PlayerUnknown himself, pitched the game, he was on board with the game selling over 1 million in its first month.

Bluehole wasn’t exactly accommodating with that kind of number, aiming for a much more conservative amount. According to Greene, the studio thought that a number between 200,000 and 300,000 was a more appropriate amount for the game’s first year. In reality, what actually happened was that the game sold over 2 million copies in around five weeks, a ridiculous target that not even Greene himself anticipated.

Greene, when speaking to Polygon, stated that much of the team working on PUBG couldn’t even believe it, stating that “when we hit that first million, there were a lot of smiles around the office.” The game has since grown to a ridiculous 10 million sales, and it’s only going up from here. PUBG has ended up doing so much better than even its creator anticipated from the very start.


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