Assassin’s Creed: Origins Gameplay Trailer Shows off Story and Elephants

Assassin's Creed Origins, Xbox One X

The elephant in the room.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins is set to be released later this year and will see a return from the series after it took a year off in 2016. The game will go right back to the beginning of the assassin’s order and will allow players to exp0lore ancient Egypt under Roman occupation. Like past Assassin’s Creed titles, you’ll be able to explore historic places and encounter real life figures such as Cleopatra and Julius Caesar.

If you’re pumped for the next assassin’s outing then you’ll want to check out this awesome gameplay trailer which not only gives us more of an insight into the game’s story, but also shows off combat against a war elephant. You’re gonna want to make sure you’re fully prepared before going up against one of those. The trailer also introduces us to The Order, a group who are secretly controlling Egypt and ts Pharaoh from the shadows. Check it out below:

The last Assassin’s Creed game was Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate which was released in 2015 and saw players play as the Frye twins in Victorian London. The game was well received but developer Ubisoft decided to take a year out from the usual annual release of the games to make sure Origins is fully polished. Assassin’s Creed: Origins is set to be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 27.


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