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ARMS Version 3.0 Allows for Customized Control Schemes

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ARMS Version 3.0 Allows for Customized Control Schemes

For Motion Controls and Pro Controller Players Alike!

The ARMS upcoming update, version 3.0, will do more than add new fighter Lola Pop. Customizable control schemes will be added to the game as well, amending one of its most frustrating oversights.

No longer will players using the Pro controller need to click the left stick down to block. Instead, they will be able to set whatever button to whatever action they’d like. This also includes adjusting the sensitivity of the motion controls! Here’s a look at how it will work:

ARMS official Twitter account has been busy promoting version 3.0 and Lola Pop. Her personal stage is located on Candy Street Corner, just outside the ARMS Cafe.

In addition to Lola and button mapping, the update will also add her three unique Arms. Every fighter will be able to use them via the Get Arms mini-game. Additional balance tweaks are expected to come as well. The update is expected to hit later this month, so players won’t have to wait long before getting their hands on this new content.

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