You Can Go on an Old School Pixelated Fragging Spree With Dusk Now

We ride at dusk.

Looking for a good, old-fashioned fragfest? You need look no further than Dusk, a totally retro first-person shooter from New Blood Interactive that’s available on Steam to pick up and blow through now.

You can play through Episode 1 of the eventual 3 coming on the game’s official release, and it’s rife with ludicrous gibs that should be an absolute dream for any classic shooter fan. Metal, blood, gore, and taking out the enemy sounds like a pretty good combination to me. It’s a low-res, raucous and ridiculous ride through the excellence that was the heyday of PC gaming.

You can check out the newest trailer below and see what Dusk has to offer, but if you’ve ever enjoyed titles like Duke Nukem, Blood, Rise of the Triad or any of the classic shooters of days past, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on Dusk when it releases in full.


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