Xbox One Insider Program Is Now Open to All Xbox One Owners

Get ready to get your Xbox Insider XP on!

Looking to get into the early preview game with your Xbox One’s features? You can now, starting today. Previously, the Xbox One’s Insider Program was only available to Xbox Live members, but now the program has been opened up so that everyone can check it out.

Microsoft announced this via blog post, stating that it is now going to be “simplifying entry” into the program. You’ll also be able to swap between three different tiers, all a part of the Insider Program. To do this, you’ll have to utilize a new type of “experience points” called Insider XP.

Omega, previously known as Ring 4, allows anyone to join and will receive early access to monthly updates ahead of general releases. Delta, known as Ring 4, will be open to Xbox Insiders with a tenure of one or more months as Xbox Insider Level 2 or higher and they’ll receive builds earlier in the release schedule. Beta users will be open to Xbox Insiders with a tenure of three or more months and The top tier, Xbox Insider XP of Level 4. Top users, or Alpha members, are invite-only and reserved for the “best” Beta and Alpha members. This is the group you want to strive for.

In addition to bringing new levels of access, Microsoft has stated it is hard at work to include more playtests of unreleased games in the future, so there may be even more early access opportunities going forward. If you’re interested in jumping aboard, make sure you head to the Xbox Insider Hub on the Xbox Store and get started from there. It’s free, so you may as well!


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