Windjammers Makes Flying Discs Look Cool Again in Its Launch Trailer

Like, totally rad.

What’s your favorite game about flying discs? You’d better answer Windjammers, whose PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita re-release will be available on both consoles beginning on August 29. Originally released on Neo-Geo, the flying disc game will feature six different players duking it out on a flying disc court (looks just like a tennis court, right?) as they fight for supremacy.

But this isn’t just any old bunch of frisbee tosses. Each character has a powerful throw, with ridiculous moves that culminate in some of the most lit frisbee matches you’ve ever seen. The official Windjammers launch trailer is a hilarious retro throwback that should at the very least make you curious about how fun a game about flying discs could actually be. The answer is, pretty fun, as it turns out.

Ready to see it all in action? Check out the trailer below ahead of Windjammers’ debut tomorrow, but make sure you stretch before running back and forth across that court. You don’t want to get a cramp.


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