What’s Different in Monster Hunter Stories? Everything You Need to Know

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Monster Hunter Stories

Even though Stories shakes up the gameplay formula that veterans of the Monster Hunter series know and love, it does a great job at making an easy and accessible entry point into the hardcore franchise. If you’ve ever been intimidated by the grindy nature of Monster Hunter, now’s the chance to get your feet wet, because Stories is the perfect place to start for any newcomer to Capcom’s universe.

The game may take a totally different approach when it comes to battling monsters, but it still has all of the nuance of the franchise, from the items you find in the field, to monsters that you befriend. It’s all very Monster Hunter and will teach you how to upgrade armor and weapons without being overly complicated. It’s a small stepping stone but going into a core Monster Hunter game after this one won’t be as difficult since you’ll be familiar with the setting and accustomed to the lore. You’ll also get to ride on baby chibi versions of the big creatures that you face off with in the main games, so that’s something to be excited about.

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