Try out Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Blood Orchid on Test Servers Now

What a lovely orchid.

The Blood Orchid update for Rainbow Six Siege is live on the test servers now, if you’re interested in jumping in and giving it a try.

Operation Blood Orchid is the game’s latest major expansion, and it’s releasing in full for free very soon. But you have access to it right now via the test servers, where you can check out the new Operators, new map, and various other alterations that have been implemented for the game to better it on all fronts.

The Theme Park map is a creepy old amusement park, and there are three new Operators in terms of Ela, Lesion, and Ying. While it’s pretty awesome to have new Operators and playable content, the most important part of the new update is a part of Ubisoft’s Operation Health, which is meant to improve the stability, connectivity and various other aspects of Rainbow Six Siege’s online presence.

You can find a full list of changes that are coming with the update here, but for now feel free to test out the new content via test servers until the operation drops in its entirety soon.


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