This Alolan Exeggutor Statue Is a Pricey Tribute to the Weird Tree-Like Pokemon

Every giant Pokemon statue needs a home, right?

Have a special place in your heart for the Alolan version of Exeggutor? You may not have used the original Exeggutor in Pokemon Trading Card Game decks like I did when I was younger like a madwoman, but you’ve still probably got some sort of appreciation for the weird Pokemon. I guess someone does, because there’s a big Alolan Exeggutor statue in Japan now that stands 3.5 feet tall and costs about 29,800 yen. Someone’s a big fan.

The statue, which costs roughly $270, is tall enough to dwarf a small child, scare them away, or sit in the room looking ominous. I’ve no shame in admitting I’d probably wake up in the middle of the night and be afraid of it. Plus, it’s got that weird tail and the extremely long neck now. What’s that all about? Super strange.

Of course, this is strictly a Bandai Japan figure for now, with no word as to when or if a North American retailer will start selling the gangly-necked monstrosity. You can import it though, in case you need a big figure watching you sleep. Or something weird like that. Hey, maybe you just think it’s cool. Either way, you can pick it up here.


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