The Studio Behind Smash Bros., Hal Laboratory, Is Going Into the Mobile Realm

HAL Laboratory, hal egg, mobile, smash bros

Will we see Kirby or BoxBoy come to smartphones?

HAL Laboratory (otherwise known as HAL) has always been super close with Nintendo; developing the original Super Smash Bros., the Kirby series, and the Mother franchise will do that to a company. They’ve been synonymous with Nintendo for a very long time, but it seems that the second-party to Nintendo has opened up a mobile game division, which is planning to develop games for iOS and Android. The name of this newly formed brand is simply called, HAL Egg.

The first of the company’s mobile games will launch sometime in the fall, which is all of the information that we currently have. With Nintendo also pursuing the mobile market with their established properties, we doubt that the japanese publisher will let HAL use properties from big franchises like Kirby or Smash Bros, but who knows. Maybe we’ll see a game like BoxBoy on smartphones – that would be the perfect fit for a mobile market. Let’s just hope that HAL continues to develop games alongside Nintendo and doesn’t go completely astray into the mobile world.


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