Thomas Was Alone Creator Surprise Releases Subsurface Circular on Steam

Subsurface Circular

The best kind of surprise.

Mike Bithell, the creator of Thomas Was Alone and Volume has released a new game out of the blue: Subsurface Circular

Bithell posted on Twitter that he had wondered if it would be possible to create a short game and announce it the moment it was available. The result is Subsurface Circular, a text-based adventure game that has the player going underground to search for answers about what has befallen the world above.

The game’s key features, as outlined on the Steam page, are that it can be finished in one sitting and uses its unique graphics to subvert peoples expectations of the text-based genre. It’s meant to be a short, yet poignant adventure.

Bithell’s previous two titles were radically different from one another and were both expertly realized games with fantastic writing and incredibly smooth gameplay. Subsurface Circular is another departure for Bithell and could be a sign that the developer is interested in creating smaller offerings that are easily digested and incredibly replayable.

The title is available now on Steam for PC and Mac for the low price of $4.79.

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