Starting Today, the Legendary Pokemon Zapdos Is Available in Pokemon Go

pokemon go legandary

You guys have one week.

Pokemon GO players better get ready to go out and explore, because starting today, the legendary bird Pokemon Zapdos will be available for capture. You’ll be able to battle Zapdos in Raid Battles across the world until August 14 – which leaves you a week to grab some friends, and power through the raid battle.

The final legendary bird of the trio makes its appearance and marks the last day to capture the fire-type Moltres. If you’re looking to get one step closer to completing your Pokedex then catching Zapdos will be of utmost importance. Niantic has not spoken about whether or not we will be getting Mew or Mewtwo anytime soon but with the release of the legendary bird Pokemon, there’s no doubt that Niantic will slowly but surely let out more legendaries from the company’s grasp.

Did you guys manage to catch the other two legendary birds in the past two weeks? Excited to capture Zapdos? What legendary Pokemon would you like to catch next? Let us know in the comments section below!


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