The Splat Brella Is Making its Way to Splatoon 2’s Multiplayer This Weekend

Nintendo’s inky shooter, Splatoon 2, will see another weapon make its way to the game’s multiplayer this weekend.

The news comes via a tweet from the official Nintendo of Europe Twitter account. Arriving tomorrow morning, the Splat Brella will bring some close-combat power, while also providing ample cover for its wielder. The Spat Brella was playable in Splatoon 2’s single-player missions, but until now had not been usable in the game’s multiplayer.

The Splat Brella is due to go live sometime in the morning of Aug. 12 in Europe, meaning possibly the very early hours for East Coast.

The arrival of the Splat Brella to Splatoon 2’s multiplayer follows a number of other weapons added in the past few weeks. Last week saw the Sploosh-o-matic arrived just in time for the Splatfest, and prior to that, the multi-missile and Inkbrush weapons had released in the two weekends before respectively.

Splatoon 2 is out now for the Nintendo Switch.

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