Slime Rancher: How to Get to the Glass Desert

How to Get to the Glass Desert in Slime Rancher

During your time on the Far, Far Range wrangling slimes trying to make a living, you may have heard about the Glass Desert. This location is far from the mainland of the Far Far Range and was added in update 0.6.0 of Slime Rancher. There are a ton of different slimes, foods, resources and more just waiting to be found here, so chances are you’ll want to get to the Glass Desert.

It’s worth noting that the Glass Desert is considered Slime Rancher’s end-game zone, with a number of challenges you simply won’t find anywhere else in the game. To get there, you’ll first need to make your way to the Ancient Ruins. To enter the Ancient Ruins, you’ll need Plorts from Tabbies, Phosphors, Rocks, Honeys, Booms, and Rads. Once you’ve got these Plorts, fire them into the statues that look like the corresponding slimes.

Once you’re inside the Ancient Ruins, you’ll need to make your way to the very end of it. Here, you’ll come across a warp which requires five Quantum Plorts to open. Use the Plorts and hop through the warp and you’ll find yourself in the Glass Desert and Slime Rancher’s end-game zone.

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