Slime Rancher: How to Get Royal Jelly

How to Get Royal Jelly in Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher’s Far, Far Range hosts a variety of resources that can used to make decorations, Curios, and other gadgets. One rare resource is the Royal Jelly, which is a combination of honey and jelly in a jar.

“The Royal Jelly found in the hives across the Far, Far Range is special as it is unnaturally sweet compared to other varieties,” according to its Slimepedia entry. “It’s believed that this is a result of bees collecting small deposits of slime from honey slimes and working it into their royal jelly mixture.”

The only reliable way to obtain Royal Jelly is to use an apiary, or extractor. Apiaries collect resources from the environment for a preset amount of cycles. Once placed anywhere, it cannot be moved and will “dance” when it is full of resources. Blueprints for different tiers of apiaries, along with other extractors, can be bought from the builder’s shop, found in treasure pods from the Glass Desert, or obtaining a certain rank from the 7Zee Rewards Club.

Royal Jelly can also be found in three treasure pods from the Moss Blanket and one in the Ancient Ruins. Crystal, Dervish, Hunter, Mosaic, and Tangle Gordos in the wild can also drop crates containing Royal Jelly.

Warp Tech blueprints that use Royal Jelly include the Refinery Link and Market Link. Curios recipes that call for the rare resource are Slimeball Hoop, #1 Slime Stage, Handlebar Fashion Pod, Clip-On Fashion Pod, Googly Fashion Pod, and Smart Fashion Pod.

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