See Metroid: Samus Returns’ Aeions Abilities in Action in the Latest Trailer

Samus is back to kick some butt.

Metroid: Samus Returns is coming to Nintendo 3DS next month, and ahead of its release, Nintendo has pushed out a brand new trailer that shows off some of Samus’ new melee counters, Aeion abilities, and more.

Samus’ Aeion poweres include the Scan Pulse, which lets Samus scan the areas around here to find hidden paths and blocks she can destroy, the Beam Burst, Lightning Armor, and Phase Drift. The Beam Burst offers enhanced power for Samus’s arm cannon, while the Lightning Armor obviously strengthens her defenses. Phase Drift lets Samus slow down time.

The trailer also shows off power-ups like the Ice Beam, Space Jump, Grapple Beam, and Spider Ball, all of which will be obtained after Samus obtains the Morph ball ability. The Grapple Beam can even allow Samus to swing across wide chasms where it appears she can’t travel any further.

You can pick up Metroid: Samus Returns on September 15 for Nintendo 3DS, along with two special amiibo figures that can be used to unlock a bevy of features, including the Fusion mode.


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