Robin Takes Center Stage In the Latest Fire Emblem Warriors Trailer

Levin Sword and all.

Nintendo has released a new trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors, this time showing off some of the combat skills of the star of Fire Emblem Awakening, female Robin. The trailer follows last week’s look at the Pegasus Knight Cordelia, also from Fire Emblem Awakening.

In the trailer we can see Robin using her Levin Sword to wreak havoc on the enemy before unleashing multiple skills with her magical tome, like Thunder and Nosferatu. It seems like Robin will be a good character to use at medium range, and keep a bit of distance between yourself and the enemy hordes. Of course, both male and female Robin have been confirmed to be in the game. Take a look at the full trailer down below.

Fire Emblem Warriors will launch on Sept. 28 for Nintendo Switch and 3DS in Japan. Currently there’s no firm release date in North America, but it is scheduled to release sometimes this Fall. Make sure you also take a look at our hands on impressions of the game from E3, and four ways Fire Emblem Warriors is staying true to the series’ roots.


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