PlayStation VR Units Will No Longer Be Sold Without the Required Camera

PSVR, cinematic mode

Camera obscura.

Looking to pick up a PlayStation VR unit but thrown off by the higher price tag? Fear not, as the premium bundle is getting a $50 price cut, meaning you can get a bundle with the PlayStation Camera and PlayStation VR headset for just $400. Previously, you had to purchase the PlayStation Camera separately, but now you get that key piece of equipment free.

This new bundle will replace the previous standalone headset package, so now if you need the set you can get them both at once. It’s a great deal for anyone who didn’t already take the plunge, but it’s bizarre that the starter kit didn’t already include one integral piece of equipment you actually need if you want to use the set to begin with.

You can also opt to get the PlayStation VR Worlds bundle as well, which also adds PlayStation VR Worlds and two PlayStation Move controllers into the bundle, and that’ll run you $50 more, bringing the package to $450. You’ll start seeing them popping up in stores September 1, so if you’ve been aching to try out PlayStation VR, this looks like your best shot, currently, unless you’re going over to someone’s house to give it a whirl.


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