PlayStation 4 System Update 5.0 Beta Available Today, Catch All the the Details Here

See what all’s included in the new update.

The latest PlayStation 4 software update, codenamed Nobunaga, is available today for anyone who’s been selected for the special PlayStation beta program. Sony has posted an official look at the beta at the PlayStation Blog, listing some of the new features such as Family on PlayStation network, friend management, parental controls and more.

The Family on PSN feature will allow families to set up their own PSN accounts for kids with customized parental controls, such as the promotion of adults between accounts to customize children’s parental control settings. You’ll be able to set individual levels of access for each child.

In addition, there’s a new Custom Lists tab coming for Friend management that you can create and manage lists of friends from, like if you want to make a list for clans or friends from work or something to that effect, sending out invites to play all to the right group at once.

Broadcasting gets special features as well, with community support. You’ll be able to link a stream to a community page to give anyone who wants to access that information an easier way to view your stream.

There’s a smattering of other new additions, such as new system languages, notification tweets, PlayStation VR augments, and more. For more info on what all’s new in this beta, check out Sony’s official blog post to see it all lined out for you.


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