Nintendo UK Celebrates Kirby’s 25th Anniversary With This Adorable Video

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It’s definitely the year of the Kirby.

With Nintendo’s long history in the video game world, there seem to be anniversaries every year for the company’s flagship franchises, one of these beloved franchises is Kirby. The pink ball of fun is celebrating his 25th anniversary this year and Nintendo UK has uploaded the cutest video to their YouTube channel, showcasing every single Kirby game on the face of the earth. It shows a chronological timeline since 1992 and if you weren’t aware of that fact, here’s the video so you can see for yourself.

There have been a ton of Kirby games, from Epic Yarn to Nightmare in Dream Land, but we here at Twinfinite, narrowed down some of our favorite Kirby games in honor of the big 25th, which you can read right here.

What makes this franchise so appealing to you guys? Let us know your favorite Kirby game down in the comments section below, so we can see which one is superior once and for all.


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