Monster Hunter: World Looks Epic in Two New Trailers

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter on a massive scale.

PlayStation has just released two new trailers for the upcoming Monster Hunter: World, and the game looks every bit the epic AAA experience we could have hoped for.

The first, from PlayStation’s western arm, gives us a glimpse of a gorgeous new area called Wildspire Waste. Cooperative play, led by mainstay character Baroth, can be seen in brief — a feature that was notably absent from the E3 presentation earlier this year. Additionally, there’s a pretty substantial amount of new monsters shown off, as well as weapons, gear, and special moves.

The second trailer, released by PlayStation Japan, showcases the gameplay loop in more detail. You can see how quests are accepted, accessing the item box, how to craft equipment, and the process of tracking and fighting monsters for loot.

You can view both of the trailers below:

Monster Hunter: World will release in early 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One, and will come to PC at a later date.


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