10 Underrated Marvel Characters That Deserve Their Own Movies

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Iron Heart

Every hero has to call it quits at some point and when Iron Man stepped away from his glory days in the Marvel comics, it allowed a new heroine to step forward. Riri Williams is nothing short of a super genius so when a dear friend fell victim to a random act of street violence, she did what any genius would do—create her own version of the Iron Man suit and become a super hero herself. Of course, it took a bit of time.

Riri was in college by the time she finished the suit but she never lost sight of her tragic inspiration and desire to push her intellectual gifts to new heights. Riri Williams eventually finished her own version of Iron Man’s suit and became the Iron Heart. Now that Robert Downey Jr. is getting close to the end of his Iron Man days it could be the perfect time to introduce Iron Heart to the MCU.

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