Magikarp Jump’s Final Update Adds New League, Events, and More

pokemon, magikarp jump

The game finally has an end.

The final update to the cute jumping battler, Magikarp Jump, is now available for both iOS and Android devices.

The update adds a new league for those who have defeated every trainer, called the Master League. It is the final league in the game, and beating the Elite Four rewards you with the ending cutscene. To get your Magikarp even stronger to challenge the Elite Four and its trainers, the Trainer Rank cap has been increased from 79 to 100.

Magikarp now has more ways to train with the new Steelix Push and Tackle Machine training regiments, while more random events have been added to test your luck for great rewards. Two new Support Pokemon, Mimikyu and Gardevoir, can be bought to boost your flopping fish’s jumping strength. The store also offers new food and decoration items, such as a golden statue of Magikarp to place in your pond full of Magikarp.


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