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Madden 18 Guide: How to Get MUT Coins Fast and Easy


Madden 18 Guide: How to Get MUT Coins Fast and Easy

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Madden 18 Guide: How to Get MUT Coins Fast and Easy

Step 1: Grind Out a Coin Nest Egg by Doing the Easy Stuff

Unfortunately, unless you’re going to just spend real life money, there’s no coin inheritance or secret treasure to discover. You’ll need to do a bit of grinding before things will come easier to you. The best way to get started on getting MUT coins fast and easy is to first put the work in and do some grinding on the solo challenges. A lot of these challenges are very simple and only take few minutes to complete and you’ll be rewarded with coins and other useful MUT items.

First, check out your objectives and you’ll see challenges you can knock out for free chunks of coins. Right off the bat, there will be a bunch tied to the solo challenges and improving your team, stuff you should be doing anyway, so definitely take some time to grind out as much as you can until they start getting too difficult and time intensive to make them not worth the effort anymore.

New to Madden NFL 18 is the Longshot Story Mode. Not only is it pretty enjoyable, but it’s not that long and rewards you with a bunch of decent free cards to get your team going. Also once you get your MUT level a little higher, it will unlock the Chronicles of a Longshot solo challenges that you can also complete for more easy to get coins.

Ideally, you want to get around 20,000 coins or close to it before moving onto step 2.

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