LawBreakers: How to Check Character and Battle Stats

How to Check Character and Battle Stats in LawBreakers

Checking your stats during a match is a good way to keep track of how you’re doing, as well as how your teammates are performing. At any point during the match, simply press and hold the touchpad button if you’re on PS4, and you’ll see your team’s stats in the top right corner of the screen. From here, you’ll be able to see your kills, deaths, assists, and objective points. You’ll also be able to see the stats of enemy players and compare how both teams are doing.

At the end of the match, you’ll also get to see a brief summary of how you performed during it. If you’re looking for more detailed personal stats, you can also go to the Profile option on the game’s main menu, and you’ll be able to see your overall performance, which tracks your stats across all of your played matches so far. There’s also a Match History tab that keeps track of all your recent played matches, as well as the outcome of each one.

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