Hellblade’s 1.01 Patch Fixes Game-Breaking Bugs, Photo Mode, and More

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Expect a smoother experience.

Today, Ninja Theory announced that Hellblade’s 1.01 patch is now available to download on PC and PS4.

The patch makes a number of fixes in the hope of improving the overall gameplay experience. Most notably, however, are fixes to a number of game-breaking bugs that prevented players from advancing in the Hellblade’s story. Alongside this, Ninja Theory has also worked on preventing other bugs such as audio cut-out, collision issues, and lip sync issues.

On top of that, patch 1.01 for Hellblade also introduces a number of tweaks to the combat gameplay including Senua’s damage taken/ given modifiers. Fans of Hellblade’s photo mode will also be pleased to hear that the developer has fixed an issue that saw motion blur applied to objects incorrectly, and have now removed a slider that did nothing on the Effects tab. You can read up on the full patch notes here.

Hellblade released on PC and PS4 last week. We found the experience fairly enjoyable, though wished that the enjoyable combat had taken a more central role in the experience. You can check out our full thoughts here.

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