Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Introduces Rebuilding Mechanics in New Trailer

We can rebuild those towns. We can make them better.

There’s a new Harvest Moon game coming, and it’s called Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. Be careful not to confuse this series with Story of Seasons, since they’re two fundamentally different departures now, but for the interested parties in Natsume’s continued vision of the series, there’s a new “Feature Spotlight” video showing off Light of Hope and some of its rebuilding mechanics from producer Take Maekawa.

Much of what you’ll be doing throughout the game revolves rebuilding efforts you must take part in to put the village you live in back together after it was hit by a very nasty storm. You’ve got to make sure the buildings are taken care of so the villagers who were forced to move away can move back in eventually.

Rebuilding the town’s old houses and establishments will start out simple, but they’ll eventually get more difficult, requiring more items and additional abilities for you to fix them as well as the bridges and other landmarks in the village. This is one small part of the overall game, but a very important one nevertheless.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope will debut on PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC later this fall.


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