GTA Online’s Newest Update Offers New Aircraft Built for Smuggling

GTA Online, GTA V, Grand Theft Auto V

Called the Smuggler’s Run update.

The next big update to GTA Online, the multiplayer component to Grand Theft Auto V, is coming to all platforms on Aug. 29, Rockstar announced today.

Smuggler’s Run, a nod to the Rockstar-developed PlayStation 2 title of the same name, allows players to transport their cargo in the skies with a range of new, customizable aircraft. All of the new planes, helicopters, and ultralights will be stashed in aircraft hangars that can be bought. These properties also serve as a hub to conduct smuggling missions from.

Rockstar also announced new races that take advantage of vehicles in the air, sea, and ground coming sometime this fall. These races will have checkpoints that change the player’s current vehicle to one more suitable for the track ahead. It means players might start a race jet skiing across the ocean, then instantly change to a sports car once the track hits land. The studio teased new four wheeled vehicles, Adversary Modes, and content for Halloween and holidays in December would be coming as well.


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