Final Fantasy XV Director Wishes to Portray Lunafreya as an Even Stronger Female Personality

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Will we get a episodic content starring the princess?

Final Fantasy XV is host to many male characters; with four dudes traveling together and story episodes releasing for three of them, the game and its’ DLC can feel a little “bro-like”. This is why Hajime Tabata, Final Fantasy XV director, believes that Lunafreya is one of the strongest female characters and deserves to share the spotlight with the rest of the cast.

Polygon sat down with Tabata and asked him why hasn’t a female character like Lunafreya been featured in a upcoming expansion or episodic story. Tabata responded with, “I really do have that desire to depict Luna as an even stronger female personality. Obviously the first mission is to get ‘Episode Ignis’ out. Then when we decided what we do with 15 after, is to decide that together with the fans and community and opinions, just like you gave.”

Tabata seems committed to bringing Lunafreya into the spotlight in some way, shape, or form, whether it be a special limited quest or a full-blown game. “First priority you want to see [in future DLC] is Luna? That’s something that I can agree with very well. I’ve also got incredible motivation to do that.”

While we’ve played countless hours of Final Fantasy XV with Noctis and the gang, it sure would be something to be able to play as Lunafreya in an adventure of her own; I’m sure the princess of Tenebrae wouldn’t mind.


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