Every U.S. GameStop to Have at Least Five Nintendo Switches on Sale Today or Tomorrow

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Who’s going to stake out their local store?

The Nintendo Switch is wildly popular and near impossible to find in the wild. But that second part will change for at least a day, as CNET reports every single GameStop in the United States will have at least five Switch consoles on sale today or tomorrow.

“This marks the first time since the initial launch of Nintendo Switch that all GameStop stores will have the system in stock at the same time,” GameStop said in a statement.

The restocking only applies to GameStop’s more than 4,400 U.S. brick-and-mortar stores. International stores and will not have any new units available as part of this restock. currently only lists Switch bundles, and even those aren’t expected to be in stock until September 1. This is despite a misleading “now in stock” graphic displayed on the website’s main Switch page.

Nintendo launched its Switch console on March 3, and the system promptly began shattering even the most optimistic of sales forecasts. As of late July, the Switch was closing in on selling five million units, and industry analyst Michael Pachter stated last week that he foresees lifetime sales likely reaching between 50 and 70 million.


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