Destiny 2 Multiplayer Trailer is Fast, Colourful, and Riddled With Bullets

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Destiny 2 keeps looking better.

PVP multiplayer was a big part of the first Destiny. It was one of the key ways to get gear and served as a nice change of pace from the epic raids and missions that made up the rest of the title. Destiny 2 is set to improve upon the competitive multiplayer of its predecessor, as shown in the explosive new trailer.

The new footage is a series of quick cuts from first and third person perspectives, showing what the game’s different classes can do and how they each fill a specific role on a team. The action is frantic and colorful. Special abilities light up the screen and decimate opponents as Push the Tempo by Fatboy Slim plays in the background, adding a layer of fun and excitement to proceedings.

If you enjoyed multiplayer in Destiny, its sequel is poised to offer a deeper, more energetic experience. Check out the trailer above for more information on the Destiny 2 and the competitive challenges it will offer.

Destiny 2 releases October 24, for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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