Color Your Favorite Scenes in The Witcher With The Official Adult Coloring Book

Get your color on.

If you ever sat around and thought about how much you need a Witcher coloring book in your life, your prayers have been answered. There’s an official Witcher coloring book coming out by way of Dark Horse, and it looks like it might even contain that one special scene. Oh yes. You know the one.

Yes, you can find Geralt in a bathtub along with 96 pages of coloring fun meant for adults who know how to color inside the lines. Or anyone who loves toting around tons of thin markers and colored pencils. That’s me. There are just too many to choose from! I’ve gotta have them all at my disposal at all times!

As a collaboration between CD Projekt RED and Dark Horse Comics, this seemingly unlikely project is coming to fruition soon and is available for preorder right now for $14.99. You’ll have it when it releases this November, which is right around time for the holiday season, just in case you know a special person in your life in dire need of some Witcher-themed coloring goodness. You never know who could use some coloring therapy, after all.


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