10 of the Best Dressed Video Game Characters With Looks That Kill

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Twintelle – ARMS

The Internet went crazy when Nintendo unveiled Twintelle’s design back in May and it’s hard not to understand all the immediate fanfare. In addition to having some serious curves, Twintelle is simply dressed to kill. We all know her outfit is a form-fitting ensemble that shows off her figure but her fashion sense shines even more when it comes to her accessories. In addition to having a gorgeous yet functional outfit for fighting (she’s fully covered and not in some sort of skirt or dress) she is also sporting some incredible earrings and a chic chunky gold bracelet. Her hair looks awesome while also being able to knock people out and let’s not forget her shoes. Yes, her glorious shoes.

Twintelle is probably one of the most fashionable video game characters we’ve seen in quite some time and this is all underscored by the fact that this character only fights in outfits created by her very own fashion line.

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