Agents of Mayhem: How to Use Your Special Ability

How to Use Your Special Ability in Agents of Mayhem

Every character in Agents of Mayhem has a special ability that can give them a huge edge in combat. These are unique attacks that offer massive damage, useful buffs, devastating debuffs against enemies, or a mix of the three. Using them is simple, as you simply tap R1/RB while playing.

You should note, though, that each of these abilities are on a cooldown timer. It’s wise to strategize in a way that when you use the ability of one character, you’ll have another character you can quickly swap to for a follow-up. You should also be aware that certain special abilities require follow-up actions in order to really take advantage of them. They may set you up for an attack, or provide a means to escape, so be aware of whose special you’re using at all times while playing Agent of Mayhem. 

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