5 Character Meetups We Can’t Wait to See Happen in Persona Q2

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School Presidents (Makoto Niijima and Mitsuru Kirijo)

If there’s one thing these two have in common, it’s the dedication and passion they put into their studies. Both Makoro and Mitsuru hold the prominent position of school president amidst the other duties they have in life. They are also fierce warriors who aren’t afraid to kill shadows, and brilliant strategists in their respective group.

Incidentally, these two lovely ladies are socially awkward when it comes to mingling with people in their age group despite their eloquence and acumen. In Persona Q2, however, there’s no doubt that Makoto and Mitsuru will find some sort of solace with each other among their hectic and rowdy friends. Maybe we’ll even get to see them geek out about their favorite subjects and complain about the terrible teachers that roam their school halls.

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