The Pathologic Remake Is Now Known as Pathologic 2, but It’s Still Just as Creepy

You can’t save everyone.

The first-person psychological horror game Pathologic has always been weird. No one is debating that. But what’s even weirder is the fact that there’s a remake of Pathologic on the way that’s now had its name changed to Pathologic 2. The reason being? There would be a little confusion with the remake coming out in tandem with the HD update, Pathologic Classic HD.

Thus, TinyBuild has decided to go forward with Pathologic 2, which is introduced in the trailer below. The new game is going to be “reconstructed” considerably, with a new, more “open” approach to its narrative. You play as a medic who has to wander around a bizarre town that’s been faced with a horrendous plague. You’re allotted 12 days to take care of the problem, all the while trying to cure everyone stricken by the plague and avoid coming down with it yourself.

It’s decidedly creepy, terrifying at some points, with bizarre happenings, morbid situations such as autopsies, and other unsettling goings-on that you’ll need a strong stomach to get past. If you’re headed for PAX West this week, you’ll be able to try out a special build of the game, which will be the same one backers pony up to try via Kickstarter in the near future after PAX concludes.


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