The Sims 4 Console Edition Won’t Support 4K, But it Will Have Other Great Features

Woohoo it up on consoles.

The Sims 4 is making its way to consoles later this year, and fans are going crazy with all of the small details flying out left and right about what to expect from the games. Recently, @SimGuruDuke took to Twitter to answer several questions about what the console version might feature, and light has been shed on several things we’ll see in the game coming forward.

An important feature for fans chatting with SimGuruDrake was being able to play with multiple households, which he was able to confirm. “Gameplay is identical to PC,” Duke stated. “So yes, you can play multiple househoulds in your save,” he stated via Twitter.

Additionally, cameraman controls will be available on consoles as well, so “console players can share their awesome photos and videos too,” according to Duke. What’s more, the “my library” feature will be included so you can save your favorite Sims and/or builds for future usage.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that The Sims 4 will support 4K on consoles, but Duke states that the game does “look great,” adding that he’s excited to “share visuals” at Gamescom soon. So while the game won’t have 4K support, at the very least it should retain some of the features fans have been clamoring for in the end.

The Sims 4 is coming to consoles on November 17.


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