See Battlefield 1’s Latest Map Tsaritsyn in Action From Gamescom 2017

A snowy warzone.

EA had a rather explosive end to its Gamescom 2017 conference, choosing to end the presentation with a hefty look at the newest map coming to Battlefield 1, Tsaritsyn. As a part of the upcoming In the Name of the Tsar DLC pack, it’s not currently available to try out on the CTE, so it’s new to everyone still.

Tsaritsyn is a snowy and unforgiving landscape with a large cathedral in the middle of the map, blinding snow, and tanks for each team. There are several pathways to victory, as demonstrated during the gameplay demo, but the cathedral should serve as a larger setpiece when it comes to capturing flags or holding locations.

Battlefield 1’s In the Name of the Tsar expansion isn’t out until September, but if you’re a Premium member, you can try your luck with the Lupkow Pass map. It’s included in the expansion when it comes out in full. If you’re interested in trying out more of what the expansion has to offer, check out the CTE for more sneak peeks if you can reserve a spot for yourself. It’s absolutely worth checking out.


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