Aksys Games Announces Release Date for Zero Time Dilemma on PS4 in North America

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The visual novel is getting an upgrade.

The third entry in the Zero Escape series, Zero Time Dilemma, will be launching for the PlayStation 4 on August 18, one day after the Japanese release date – the developer, Aksys Games, announced during Anime Expo 2017. If you have not played the visual novels that are the Zero Escape games, the stories revolve around strangers getting kidnapped and placed into a facility in which they are forced to participate in the Nonary Games. You then have to solve multiple escape-the-room type puzzles that are pretty difficult and also make decisions that can drastically change the outcome of the story.

Zero Time Dilemma initially launched for 3DS, Vita, and PC last year but now the adventure title is making its way to the PS4 later next month. If you’re interested in starting the series from the beginning, you should definitely pick up Zero Escape: The Nonary Games for the PS4 or Vita because that bundle includes remastered versions of the first two games in the franchise; it’s the best way to play 999 and Virtue’s Last Reward nowadays.

Zero Time Dilemma launches on August 18 for the PlayStation 4.


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