Take A Sneak Peek at Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two With This New Trailer

Minecraft Story Mode Telltale

The story continues.

The second season of Minecraft: Story Mode is releasing July 11 across several consoles: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, mobile titles, you name it. It’ll be up for grabs for just about everyone, just like Minecraft proper. Telltale’s latest narrative-based adventure has a trailer up now showing off everything you can expect from Jesse’s adventure as it continues in a five-part episodic series. There’s still a lot of Story Mode left to go around!

If you played the first season, your choices will carry over to the second one as well, though newcomers can jump right in and enjoy the game as well. You can even involve other players with the special “Crowd Play” feature what allows you to bring in friends and family to help you make certain decisions along the way via any mobile device.

The first season of Minecraft: Story Mode was a family-friendly adventure with plenty of fun Minecraft Easter eggs, familiar voice actors, and a perfectly serviceable story that made it fit right in with the Telltale stable of adventure games.


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