5 Crucial Tips You Should Know About Doomfist Before You Start Playing

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Don’t Let His Appearance Fool You

When you turn on Overwatch right now you will see the big, muscular Talon agent standing before you with his massive gauntlet on full display. Doomfist occupies significantly more screen real estate than your usual offense heroes but don’t let this fool you. Doomfist is not a tank and he is not to be played like one. His sheer size and intimidating weapon may tempt you to rush to the front lines and prepare to punch the crap out of all your enemies, but rest assured you will quickly die this way. Doomist is not a hero who is made to absorb a lot of damage. Sure, Doomfist has a passive ability that will grant him shields but you have to first deal out some significant damage before that shield is strong enough to keep you alive at the front lines in the midst of an intense battle.

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