Pokemon GO Legendary Pokemon: Everything You Need to Know

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Legendary Pokemon Are Available in Pokemon GO!

The first Legendary Pokemon have been made available around the world for Pokemon GO. After the failed event that went down in Chicago, Niantic still decided to release the new feature to the world. After all, fans waited for over a year to finally have a chance to get one of these elusive beasts. However, the number that we got isn’t exactly what we were expecting, nor are the options that Niantic chose.

At the time of writing, there are only two Legendary Pokemon currently available: Lugia and Articuno. We’re not entirely sure why the developers went that route instead of giving us, say, the original Legendary Birds as a group, but it’s a start. And, in order to live up to their name, they aren’t easy to catch, so those you see with one have definitely earned it. 

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